Managing translations of modules in PrestaShop

In this videoguide i want to show you how easily you can manage modules translations. With translation tool in PrestaShop you can translate texts to other languages and also you can manage actual translations, and of course change texts if you use english language.

i will show you everything on "block facebook" module example where i will translate "follow us on facebook" text that appears in footer section of your online store. You can follow the same steps for other modules that you have in your online store.

In this case you have to:
  1. log in to your shop back office
  2. go to localization > translations
  3. from first dropdown select "installed modules translations"
  4. from second dropdown select your template that your store currently use
  5. select language that you want to modify
  6. click on "modify" button
  7. search for "blockfacebook"
  8. click on it to display available texts to translate
  9. on field lists search for "follow us on facebook" and change it to any other text you want
  10. save changes

Full video guide


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