Why 301 redirect is important in PrestaShop ?

Firstly it is worth to say what exactly Search engine optimization (SEO) is. So, SEO is a kind of websites' technical aspects that makes them better from "position of website in search results (serps)" point of view. So, in simple words - these techiniques and tactics allows to get high-ranking placement of your website when someone search for example in google.

What is SEO 301 Redirect?

301 redirect allows to permanently change the web address of website page from an old url to a new one. From e-commerce point of view I can show you the practical example.

For example you had product Blue T-shirt with an url: www.example.com/blue-t-shirt.html. For some reasons this product is no longer available but you've got new one: Awesome blue t-shirt.com www.example.com/awesome-blue-tshirt.html.

Now if someone will try to reach blue-t-shirt.html page it will spawn 404 error because this product is no longer available in your offer. To avoid 404 error - you can create there 301 redirection so customer will be redirected to awesome-blue-tshirt.html instead.

It's very useful, not only from customer point of view but also from seo point of view. Google hates 404 errors and pages no longer available will be excluded from serps, so you will lose your position. With 301 redirect you will not lose your high rank in serps!

Some another pros?

  1. If some of your website that is no longer available attracts 5 inbound links and the second website URL also attracts high PR 5 inbound links, wouldn’t it be great to have 10 high PR inbound links on a single page :-) Hence you should always do a 301 redirect. 
  2. You did some marketing campaigns before for selected url that is no longer available and don't want to lose the traffic? Do a 301 redirect to a new url. 
  3. You migrated your website to a new domain and need to migrate also thousands of links from your old domain to new one? Do a 301 redirect to every single one of them 
  4. You edited an ol urls to a new one? May be because of a typo of error or a keyword insertion? Do a 301 redirect 

Why 301 redirects are important for PrestaShop?

Position in serps for e-commerce websites are very important. High traffic usually means higher income. With many pages that spawn 404 errors you will lose your google search result position. To avoid 404 errors and create valuable redirections you can use 301 seo redirect module that works also with new PrestaShop 1.7


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