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Hi, I purchased your Color / texture attribute zoom for PrestaShop 1.7. I liked it but are you able to add color/texture name in the zoom? PS 1.7 doesn't show the color name as before when mouse over the color pick. It would be very helpful if your module could show the color names in the zoom. 
A further question, can I adjust the position and font size and color? I like it to be center aligned, a little bigger font size, and change to another font color. Could you please let me know in which file and where to adjust it?

Thank you. 

Feature already exist in the texture / color zoom module

As a customer you can download free upgrades of the module.
To download upgrade please log in to your customer account, and open "my orders" page
Download module there in the same way as you downloaded it first time. You will download there always recently released version of the module.

regarding to the size and style of the color text

The text shuld be centered by default, it if isn't - your browser probably remembers old .css file of the module. Please clean browser cache or refresh product page with key combination: ctrl+f5 (refresh with cache clear).

regarding to the font style (size etc.)
An easiest way to change the style of the text is a modification of module .css styles.
module has own styles file so you can alter it, here is the path to the file: /modules/colorzoom/views/css/colorszoom.css

there is a code:
.cz_cname {

to change the font-size you can add font-size:20px; like i show below:
.cz_cname {
    clear:both; font-size:20px; padding:5px;
(i added also padding to add some space between color name and texture / color image)

the effect will be:

after any change to .css file remember with ctrl+f5 refresh method because there is a chance that you will not see the changes (browser remembers old .css files contents)


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