How to increase sales with coupons?

Voucher codes feature is an easiest way to increase sales in each e-commerce website. Every customer like voucher codes. Especially, if these coupons are dedicated only for them. Because of this it is worth to use features to give discount codes for customers. In PrestaShop we have several possibilities. We can generate voucher codes manually, but it is little hard - especially if we want to give coupons for large amount of customers, or if we want to automate whole process.

For PrestaShop you can find a lot of modules to voucher code marketing campaigns that will generate dedicated coupon codes. You can find short description of several of them before, in my opinion these modules are absolutely top mypresta addons to handle voucher marketing campaigns.

  1. Gift cards for prestashop
    Module that will allow you to sell voucher codes in your shop. It's a kind of "gift cards" feature that you can use in real retail stores. Customers order gift cards and then - they are able to pay in your shop via this gift card. Of course, they can give these gift cards for friends. Great addon especially for holidays like Christmas eve etc. Module has got advanced voucher personalization tool - this means that you can define each aspect of voucher code, exactly like it is in default cart rules tool in PrestaShop
  2. Rewards - voucher codes for orders
    With this PrestaShop module you can give voucher codes for orders. This means, that you can send coupon codes for your customers after they will order something in your shop. It is great way to encourage customers for another order in your shop. With this addon you can create many kind of "actions" like:
    - give dedicated coupon for first order
    - give dedicated coupon for secon order
    - give dedicated coupon for each order
    - give dedicated coupon for orders between 1-5
    - give dedicated coupon for orders between 6-10 etc.
    Of course each action can have own unique voucher code with different settings than other actions. Great powerful tool to increase sales!
  3. Vouchers for sharing products on Facebook
    Another great solution that will generate dedicated coupon codes for customers that will share products from your shop on their timelines on Facebook. Module creates special button on product page. With this button your customers can share product on facebook. For this share you can generate for them special dedicated voucher code. Of course you can define how many products they have to share to receive own coupon code. It was a marketing aspect of the module. Now it is time to say something about SEO aspect. Today social networks are very important SEO factors. If someone will share products on facebook - your products will have high rank in google search results!
  4. Facebook Fan Coupon
    This module creates special section on your facebook fanpage. Your customers can like your fanpage there to get the coupon code. Coupons generated in this section on your fanpage will be automatically added to your PrestaShop store. It is great way to gain more facebook followers and increase sales. Each coupon will be automatically available to use in your shop, so customers will be able to go through the order process with their new coupon code. Module displays real coupon images, you can personalize appearance of these images directly in your shop back office (just upload own coupon images). 
  5. voucher for register
    This addon is a kind of "welcome" discount. Each customer that will register account in your shop will receive own unique coupon code. It's a great way to encourage them to create an order. Module contains advanced voucher personalization tool like other modules that i described here. Addon will send coupon code to customer email address. In addition, these coupons will be visible from my account > my vouchers section.
  6. Coupons for sharing orders
    This module is similar to product share orders, but with this module your customers can share their orders or carts. After share - they will receive own unique coupon code that will be available to use immediately after share. You can decide from what page you will allow to share the cart / order. They will be able (depending on option you will select) to share from:
    - cart page (they will be able to use coupon during order process)
    - order confirmation page (they will be able to use coupon for next order)
For more voucher codes marketing modules for PrestaShop you can go here: voucher modules


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