How to sell gift codes / gift cards in PrestaShop

This post is exactly for you if you're looking for solution to your PrestaShop store that contains feature to sell "gift cards" - by the way - they are very popular in retail stores. With module that i will describe here you can create "gift card" products and sell them on your website. Customer who will order the gift product will receive personalized discount code, customer can also send this gift to friend. These codes will be automatically generated, this means that each code will be unique, so customers will receive personalized codes available only for them.

Module configuration page
Module configuration page contains 4 sections.

  1. First "main settings" where you can manage global settings of the module. here you can define when module will generate gift card. You can generate them only if order status will be marked as you will choice here. For example, you can select there "payment accepted" or "delivered". etc.
  2. Second section "Define vouchers" is a section where you can define gift cards. You can create unlimited number of gift cards. Each gift card can be personalized with advanced voucher configuration tool. This means that you can create gift cards with different amounts, restriction settings (for example gift card only for selected products category, selected manufacturer etc.)
  3. Third section "guide" contains videos related to module configuration. You can watch videos directly in your shop back office. It's great, because with these videos you can see how easily you can define the gift cards and how easily you can configure them.
  4. Fourth section "upgrade check" contains feature to check module installation for potential problems. If module will find some problems - script will try to fix them. Its great tool especiall if we uploaded upgrade of the module. You will avoid confusion with module update :-)

more informations about this module you can find here:
Module to sell gift cards in PrestaShop


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